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Wedding Photography in Kenya

Hey there, lovebirds! Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, a collection of precious moments that deserve to be captured and treasured forever. At Sue Cakes and Events, we’re not just about cakes and decor – we’re also your partners in capturing those heartfelt glances, spontaneous giggles, and teary-eyed exchanges that make your big day truly yours. Let’s dive into the magic of our wedding photography services in Kenya and how we’re here to turn your love story into a gallery of beautiful memories.

Best Wedding Photography Services in Kenya

Our wedding photography services extend beyond boundaries, covering some of Kenya’s most vibrant towns. In Nakuru, the heart of the Rift Valley, we’re ready to capture your love against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. If Eldoret is your chosen destination, our lenses will frame your joy in the City of Champions. Nyahururu’s cool breeze and breathtaking scenery make for a picturesque setting that we’re eager to capture. Nyeri’s rich culture and history provide a unique canvas for your love story, while Gilgil’s tranquil charm offers a serene backdrop for your special day. From the bustling capital of Nairobi to the serene town of Nanyuki, our photography services encompass the diversity of Kenya’s beauty.

Your Love, Our Lens

Picture this: you, surrounded by family and friends, walking down the aisle with a heart full of excitement. That’s the kind of moment we live for! Our photography isn’t just about snapping pictures; it’s about telling the story of your journey, of two souls coming together in a beautiful symphony of love. Our talented photographers have a knack for capturing the little things – those glances that speak volumes and those laughs that echo with joy.

From Heartfelt Moments to Timeless Portraits

We get it – you want your wedding album to be a treasure trove of candid emotions and picture-perfect portraits. Our wedding photography services have got you covered on both fronts. Those candid shots? They’re like snapshots of pure emotion – capturing the essence of your day, unscripted and oh-so-beautiful. And those classic portraits? Well, they’re the ones that make your grandma say, “My, you both look absolutely stunning!” It’s all about balance, and we’re here to strike it.

Your wedding day is a whirlwind, and we’re here to make sure not a single special moment goes unnoticed. We’re talking about those teary-eyed exchanges during the vows, the laughter-filled dance moves at the reception, and the tender moments you share when you think no one’s watching. Our photographers are ninjas (the friendly kind!) – they blend in, capturing every little detail without interrupting the flow of your day.

Your Story, Your Style

No two love stories are the same, and we know that your wedding is a reflection of your unique journey. That’s why we approach our wedding photography services with a personalized touch. Before the big day, we’ll sit down for a chat, sipping some coffee or tea, and get to know your vision. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairy-tale romance or a trendy, modern affair, we’re here to ensure your photos reflect YOU.

Leading Wedding Photography Services in Kenya

Wedding photography packages in Kenya

Package 1: Eternal Love

Price: Ksh 60,000

  • Pre-wedding consultation to understand your vision and preferences.
  • Up to 6 hours of photography coverage, capturing key moments from preparation to reception.
  • A curated selection of 150 high-resolution edited images.
  • Online gallery for easy sharing with friends and family.
  • One 12×18-inch printed photo to commemorate your special day.
  • Photography coverage in one main town of your choice (Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Gilgil, Nanyuki, or Nairobi).

Package 2: Enchanted Moments

Price: Ksh 120,000

  • Pre-wedding consultation to discuss your love story and wedding day plans.
  • Full-day photography coverage (up to 10 hours) to capture every detail and emotion.
  • A diverse collection of 300 professionally edited high-resolution images.
  • Online gallery for easy sharing and downloading of images.
  • Two 12×18-inch printed photos as cherished keepsakes.
  • Complimentary engagement photoshoot to celebrate your journey to marriage.
  • Photography coverage in up to two towns of your choice.

Package 3: Fairytale Romance

Price: Ksh 200,000

  • Comprehensive pre-wedding consultation to understand your dreams and preferences.
  • Full-day photography coverage (12 hours) to capture every magical moment.
  • A rich gallery of 500 professionally edited high-resolution images.
  • Online gallery for easy sharing, downloading, and ordering of prints.
  • Three 12×18-inch printed photos to adorn your home with memories.
  • Complimentary engagement photoshoot, showcasing your love story.
  • A beautifully designed wedding album, telling your love story page by page.
  • Photography coverage in all seven towns (Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Gilgil, Nanyuki, and Nairobi).

Customization options are available for each package to ensure your unique preferences are met. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and our photography packages are designed to capture every nuance and emotion, creating a visual narrative of your love story.

Why Choose Our Wedding Photography Services in Kenya

Your wedding day is a kaleidoscope of emotions, a collection of moments that deserve to be captured in all their beauty and authenticity. Choosing the right wedding photography services is crucial to ensure that your love story is preserved in a way that resonates with your heart. At Sue Cakes and Events, we offer more than just photography – we offer a heartfelt commitment to capturing your love, and here’s why you should choose us to be a part of your special day.

Capturing Emotions, Not Just Poses

We believe that a photograph should tell a story, evoke emotions, and transport you back to the moment it was taken. Our photographers have a unique knack for capturing candid moments – the laughter, the tears, the fleeting glances – that make your wedding day truly yours. We’re not just there to document poses; we’re there to capture the essence of your love and the emotions that surround it.

Expertise and Artistry

Photography is more than just clicking a button; it’s an art form that requires skill, creativity, and an eye for detail. Our photographers are seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of lighting, composition, and framing. We bring an artistic approach to every shot, ensuring that your photos are a blend of creativity and elegance.

Personalization Matters

No two love stories are alike, and that’s why we believe in personalization. Before your big day, we take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and must-have shots. This enables us to tailor our photography to match your unique story. We’re not just photographers; we’re partners in turning your dreams into tangible memories.

Comprehensive Coverage

From the emotional exchange of vows to the exuberant dance floor celebrations, our photographers are dedicated to capturing every significant moment. We ensure comprehensive coverage that encompasses the entirety of your celebration, ensuring that no memory is left undocumented.

Your wedding photos will serve as a tangible reminder of your love for years to come. We’re not just capturing moments; we’re creating a gallery of cherished memories that you’ll look back on with a smile. Our photos are timeless – they’re meant to evoke the same feelings decades from now as they do today.

Affirmation from Happy Couples

Don’t just take our word for it – the happiness and satisfaction of our couples speak volumes. Our portfolio showcases a diverse collection of weddings, each captured with dedication and love. We’re honored to have been a part of so many love stories, and our clients’ testimonials reflect their trust in our photography services.

Let’s Capture Your Happily Ever After

Your wedding day is a chapter in the book of your life, and we’re here to make sure it’s a beautifully illustrated one. Whether it’s the radiant smiles during the “I do’s,” the heartfelt toasts, or the sparkler-lit evening, we’ll be there, cameras in hand, ready to capture every moment. So, if you’re ready to turn your love story into a gallery of cherished memories, reach out to us at or give us a ring at 0717 563 531.

Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Photography Services in Kenya

What sets Sue Cakes and Events’ wedding photography services apart?

At Sue Cakes and Events, we blend creativity, expertise, and a passion for storytelling to capture the essence of your love story. Our photographers have a keen eye for candid moments and timeless portraits, ensuring that every emotion and detail is beautifully documented.

How do I know which wedding photography package is right for me?

We offer a range of packages to cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive coverage or a tailored selection of images, we’re here to guide you in choosing the package that aligns with your vision.

Can I customize a photography package to suit my specific needs?

Absolutely! We understand that every love story is unique. You can customize our existing packages to include additional services or hours of coverage that reflect your preferences.

How do you ensure that my wedding photos will reflect my style and preferences?

We prioritize personalization. Before your wedding day, we have a detailed consultation to understand your vision, preferred shots, and any specific moments you want us to capture. This ensures that your photos align with your unique style.

Will I receive all the edited photos from my wedding day?

The number of edited photos varies based on the package you choose. Our packages offer a curated selection of high-resolution edited images, ensuring you receive a comprehensive yet carefully curated collection.

How long does it take to receive the edited photos?

Our editing process is thorough and meticulous to ensure your photos are of the highest quality. Typically, you can expect to receive your edited images within 4 to 6 weeks after your wedding day.

Will you cover my wedding in any town outside of the ones mentioned?

While our primary coverage includes Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyahururu, Nyeri, Gilgil, Nanyuki, and Nairobi, we’re open to discussing covering weddings in other towns as well. Contact us to discuss your specific location.

How can I book your wedding photography services?

Booking is easy! Reach out to us through our website,, or call us at 0717 563531. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, preferences, and finalize the details.
Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and our aim is to provide you with a seamless and memorable photography experience. We’re here to answer any additional questions you may have – feel free to get in touch!